Speed up windows

Windows operating system is widely used by millions of people around the world for its user-friendly interface and extensive range of features. However, over time, Windows can become sluggish and slow down, causing frustration among users. In this article, we will explore various methods to speed up your Windows system, ensuring a smoother and more… Read More »

The car radio does not read all the songs from the flash drive

Listening to music in the car is one of the few legal and safe ways to entertain yourself while driving. And if this occupation is overshadowed by the incorrect operation of the car stereo, then the process, of course, brings some discomfort. In this article, we will continue the publication of publications one way or… Read More »

Returning App Store Programs in iTunes

Many users of Apple products, after updating to iTunes version 12.7 on their computer were horrified to find that the application now has no Program item and, accordingly, пропал раздел the App Store section has disappeared. In this article we will talk about what are the main inconveniences of this innovation, we briefly describe how… Read More »

Permission to write to the root of the sd card on Android 4.4+

It’s no secret that the Android operating system is widespread in the mobile world. Such a widespread use of the brainchild from Google provokes an increase in the number of hacker attacks on this platform. In order to combat this unpleasant moment, the IT giant is trying to introduce new features aimed at improving the… Read More »

Installing new software on an iPhone with an outdated version of iOS

To date, the field of mobile technology continues to develop at a fairly rapid pace. Progress in the production of cell phones and smartphones becomes particularly noticeable if you pay attention to how quickly yesterday’s innovations become obsolete morally, unable to withstand the competition of newly released flagships. We will discuss the elimination of one… Read More »

Uninstall programs in safe mode Windows

Do you often install new programs and games on your computer? And how often do you have to delete applications from the system? If you are an active user of computers, then, I think, from time to time, you get up to both tasks. But sometimes a simple uninstallation of software from the Windows Control… Read More »

Removal the brakes and freezes of the video on YouTube

The content of the article: – Preface. The delights of the IT industry – Problem. Slows down the video on youtube – Play video from youtube through a third-party video player – Browser, youtube and Daum PotPlayer extension Preface. The delights of the IT industry It is not a secret to anyone that since its… Read More »